Departure Time

My darling me

My darling me

Why do you clutch your teeth?

when you should rest at night

when you could rest at night

“It`s Mrs Rotten-Christmascake I hate

It`s ok when she`s gone

to Australia for 6 month or 3,

It`s ok when she is in a good mood”

but when I see her true cruel nature

and when I see she`s preparing

not only for Australia

but also for death

Oh, she clutches her teeth

she doesn`t want to part

from “My house”

arrogant and selfish

Her children are far far away

and they know why

sometimes I want to help her

and feel

I clutch my teeth at night


I wish I wouldn`t say that

I wish she was already gone

I wish she was dead

in heaven or hell

clutching her teeth

I clutch my teeth

cause I should part

and find us a better place to live

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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