Purrfect cup of tea


Meet Karlchen the cat.


I am planning to paint a cup for a friend saying “you are my cup of tea”. Then we could drink tea from the Karlchen-teapot:


I used to drink Ostfriesentee, now I prefer cheap british supermarkt tea. At an antiques fair in Amsterdam long time ago I saw a cup depicting cats and dogs with the words: “It´s raining cats and dogs”. In German one would say: “Es schüttet wie aus Eimern” (It´s bucketing down) or “Es regnet Bindfäden” (It´s raining strings) but it´s not raining cats and dogs in Germany. Anyway back to the purrfect cup of tea. I will paint the cup in a pottery paint shop where I did the teapot and maybe I will also paint a plate or a cookiejar for my smart cookie.


©Elke Schaub, 2014


One Comment Add yours

  1. Elaine- says:

    you have a sweet blog lol i love the tea pot and the cup idea 🙂


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