My cup of tea and other liquids

My cup of tea
I love many teas: peppermint, green, white, cammomile, jasmin, toffee marshmellow, rasperry, tulsi and a lot more including Earl and Lady Grey but my favourite tea at the moment is cheap british supermarket tea for 27 Pence for 80 teabags.

My kind of beer is not a Maß. A Humpen would be too much. Half a pint of Guinnes, please.

My favourite cider is scottish Thystle, which I tasted at a shooting show.

My favourite cocktail used to be Pina Colada.

Winewise: Eiswein is lovely.

Coffee: I had a really good coffee for 1,40 BP today in a hotelpub close to my mothers favourite coffeechain. I visited it because of their witty chalkboard advert which says that their coffee doesn`t cost a lot.


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