Courgette and Pumpkin

Greenery and orange fluffyness

Baby Courgette sat next to Miss Teddy

“Don´t you think we go rather well together?”

“You are much too green for me”,

exclaimed Miss Pumpkin,

“and you are fat!”

“I am just huge”, said big Baby Courgette,

and “You are the fat one!”

“I am not fat!”,

answered Miss Pumpkin,

“I am fluffy!”,

“Now give back my hat!”


Look at the foto on the page nomnom. There you can see these two quarelling vegetables under the beuf bourgenion recipe. The gigantic courgette was bought today. The Teddy is a build a bear Teddy, who once was visiting at a Terry Pratchett event at the Cheltenham festival of literature. Back then she was a boy and didn`t wear this dress though 😉

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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