Amaretto and Icy Champagne

For the Writers Group homework we had this time a couple of proverbs and quotes.

I chose “Don`t die with a bottle of champagne in the fridge”.

Icy Champagne

Your coldness hurts so much

I am freezing to death in summer

Champagne in the fridge

I thought you are special

like champagne

You want to celebrate

your biggest success

icecold negleckting all my needs

I don`t want to die

with champagne still in the fridge

but your insults burn

I answer aggressively

:”Let`s keep the champagne in the fridge

and simply die in dignity!”


I was wondering if its ending is too harsh. You say such things in a fight and afterwards regrett it. “Let`s talk about this later and simply split up civilized” wouldn`t be me though and wouldn`t be poetic.

This evening I feel like enjoying Amaretto not like icy Champagne.

We laughed a lot at our writers meeting. I especially liked how “seductively” Mike guestread the role of an escort, who was described wearing hardly anything saying “That would be nice” to the offered Champagne.

And great news! A footnote told us that the wharf theatre will play Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett end of October.


©Elke Schaub, 2014


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