Closures and collapsing ceilings


The pottery painting shop in Devizes is closing. Today I wanted to paint the you are my cup of tea cup and was surprised to learn the shop is closing down. Sad news. I imagined myself as really old still occasionally painting a plate, a figure, whatever there. Sure, I can paint pottery at another location but I wanted to do so in this shop. It was unexpected news. Felt like a collapsing ceiling. One snipped I heard informed me that the ceiling in the Poundland in Chippenham had collapsed. Bet that was unexpected, too.

Today I could not not listen when an elderly lady was at a pharmacy. “I don´t want theese” (tablets), she said. “have you had them before?”, which she confirmed. “you know what they are for?”, the pharmacist explained very friendly that it is a medicine against high blood presure and underlined “I really would not want you not to take them. They are really important. How many of them do you take daily?” Unbelievably cute the old lady said that she is not sure, asked why she answered: “I am 92. I just can`t cope.” That a slightly grumpy old lady can be so charming amazes me.

I think we listen and overhear infos when there is an emotional response to what is said.


©Elke Schaub, 2014



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  1. Very true


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