500 years from now


An archeologist diggs in South-West England. She had visited Stonehendge and Woodhendge. Close to very old trees she finds a promising digging ground. 500 years ago – from her perspective – today for us: people obviously walked along the trees and brought stones they found home. Some of them they arranged in what appears to have been a garden. In this garden the archeologist finds a plasticthing which might have been filled with water and a metal barbecue grill. 500 years ago people really must have been a lot more primitive than the archeologist had expected. Something sparkles. Hidden in the clayground is an agate heart and a German dogtag, which apparently dogs in Germany had to have to prove the dogtax had been paid in their town. But what is the big metalthing with wheels? she wonders.


©Elke Schaub, 2014


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