Big Sherlock Trek

Who are you?


After an hour of Yoga and a meditating nap I have decided I can not choose just one favourite tv-show. In the spirit of my favourite Star Trek spoof Free Enterprise I decide to play all roles like Shatner in the Caesar musical.


I am Kirk, married to my ship, timetravelling with the tardis, regenerating into Kirk, regenerating into Kirk and every other role in Star Trek, Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who and occasionaly I regenerate into Sherlock and live in a flat in London with me Doctor Watson as well.


I am an emotional Vulcan, a crap at trade Ferengi, wariorlike Klingons and cute tribbles, too.


Not to forget I am the Tardis, the Enterprise and a flat in London, too.

None of the roles would ask: “Did you watch the footy yesterday night?” and none of them would even know who played and that`s totally me.



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