Busted Busses and Myths about Britains

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A young artstudent once told me at a busstop: Busses (in Britain) are either late or drive past you. It is not all that bad though. I have stood waiting in rain in vain for a bus sometimes but usually they do keep their timetables. Once I have been refused entry on a bus cause the driver had no change. Puzzled I left the bus and asked everyone in the long queue (It is true that Britains are very well in waiting in a queue- unlike Italians, Oh dear, true stereotypes) and luckily an elderly man could change my note. Happily I rejoined the queue and could take the bus with the exact change. It amused me to think about a scene in Star Trek IV where Kirk and Spock are refused a busride to two whales because of the exact same issue. In my imagination I had been wondering what to do if noone could change my 10 Pound note. Well trying to sell my glasses as antique and at all was no option. I could go to the market though and buy something to get change but that would mean to miss this bus and be late, what Britains usually are anyway (I do love them, I swear!) A few days later I heard the busfirm was busted. So absolutely no hard feelings but compassion. Being refused entering the bus was kind of a surreal experience though.

A little bit related: Ages ago I asked in London about a certain ticket:” With this am I allowed to drive any bus?” laughter, “No for that you would need a bus drivers licence.” 😉



2 thoughts on “Busted Busses and Myths about Britains

  1. I once tried to get on a bus in New York and they didn’t even take cash! In the end I had to walk all the way to the ferry for the Statue of Liberty and it took so long that it was closed by the time I got there.


  2. I learn something new every day. Today thanks to you I learned the British as used to being late.


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