Good morning and Guten Morgen,
My name is Elke. Britains usually say Erika cause Elke is strange to them if they have not been to Germany. When they say Elke correctly it has been my experience that they or their parents had been in the armed forces. I live in the UK in Wiltshire and like it very much. Literature is a love of mine. Readingwise there is an imminent lack of bookshelves at my home. All the Terry Pratchett books and all the adopted books from charityshops and many Science fiction books are stacked on piles. On top of that the local libraries have a sale twice a year or more often.
Kind Greetings

Post scripton: I haven`t an about me page, yet. Might do one.


1 thought on “me

  1. Elke,
    Love the fact that you love books and have no place for more books. You must be an avid reader and collector.


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