Add a bit of magic to todays soup

Let me tell you about my day today and add a lot of fantasy. See what you believe.

Through my Stargatelike bookgate which I nick from the Hay festival I transport myself right to the busstop in front of my door. The bus lifts off with me and flies to Devizes Market place. A lovely dog is waiting patiently looking at the slightly dislocated Tesco. “Hello beauty! Your ears are soft, your fur so warm. You are a good dog. Feines Wauzilein. Herrchen oder Frauchen ist gleich wieder da.” Startling I get more response than I expect. The little brown dog with floppy ears and grey mustage before Tesco suddenly starts to talk. “Lovely sunny day today my luv.” When dogs talk and busses fly how can a flying woman with a camera surprise us. Woman could actually fly over Devizes Castle. Look up and you might see her. She takes pictures and has a banner following her which reads: Futuramas magic cooking ingredient could find its way into your kitchen. You only have to believe.

Believe. By opening a book you could change the world. Hopefully for the better. So when you read a newspaper at the black swan while having coffee the book you just read about could magically appear and when you open it the author pops out of it. While reading this blog I am a guest in your mind. Could beam myself Star Trek like to rummage through your bookshelve or bookshelves. Really need more bookshelves. You won`t mind if I magically copy yours, will you? Imagine you could open a Terry Pratchett book about the discworld and by doing so transform this world as we know it into this magical fantastic flat world flying through space on a giant turtle.

We live in a magiclike reality. Magical world with 3D printers and joule thieves and smart phones. Might exist a smart toaster someday. The Crown Centre has a new toaster, the old one alerted the firealarm too often. Like when I am frying something and want to be sure it is done: When the firealarm beeps it is done rule. Now add a drop of the magic ingredient. The magic cooking ingredient which enables Bender the robot in the futuristic fantastic Futurama to cook without tastebuds the best dish you could ever get. You do have it. It is in a little bottle. Add a drop and everything is perfect. I don`t want to spoil it in case you don`t know it yet but I could tell you what the magic ingredient is.

No I won`t.

I recommend a visit of the Crown Centre to observe if their new toaster shows signs of smartness. After all smart phones are no longer Science fiction. The toasted teacake is tasty, too. And you will find cards for sale with a picture of Devizes Castle which a woman took flying over Devizes.

That is enough magic for today.


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