Fantastic realms

How I encountered the discworld

A quarter of a century ago on holiday in Bavaria I went past a dodgy looking shop with piles of glossy magazines in the window and shelves of videotapes with very weird names. On one shelve were some books and one of them caught my attention. I left shortly unnoticed my family (who knew anyway if they loose me they can undoubtetly find me in the next bookstore) went into the shop, took the book, read the first sentences and went to the counter where I inquired the price of this book. A puzzled woman and a male customer looked at me as if I were an alien. I got asked how I got into the shop and that children were not allowed there. She looked at the book with this amazing colourful cover and mesmerizing title asked probably herself aloud how this book went into the shop at all and sold it to me for 50 Pfennige if I disappear at once. That was the first Terry Pratchett book I owned and read.

The colour of magic

I remember reading it in our holiday wooden hut (without water and electricity but really idylic). Well I read a German translation to be exact. Die Farben der Magie

The start of a lifelong eternal love with discworldbooks

Next in line was Das Licht der Fantasie (the light fantastic). Many books followed.



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