Britain be proud of what you have got

Harry Leslie Smith wrote Harry`s last stand. I have read some excerpts and think the intended message of this nearly a century old soldier is essential and very important for Britains future.

Britain be proud of what you have got.

Be careful not to loose it.

In my poem Final Fear I stress to value

what is

cause everything mortal dies.

We are not doomed to loose what has been built for good reasons though and we should not ignore its decay.

I have often noticed in awfully many british newspapers a certain hostility against anything European and an arrogant denial of vulnerable people in Britain for instance refusal of EU-Millions for british foodbanks with the statement there were no hungry people in Britain and if there were the Brits could take care of them themselves.


Britain be proud of the NHS. Walk In centres for instance are valuable. Don`t get fooled by the propaganda free health care would be exploitated by greedy foreigners. It is essential that health is a right and care for it should not be defined by who can pay for it. Harry Leslie Smith experienced this in a hard way when he witnessed the horrible death of a sister because his family could not afford a doctor and medicine. She got a paupers burial.


:this is why the welfare state has been build. Because essentials like health are a right and not a luxury which you might or might not be able to afford.


Britain be proud of your free buspasses for the elderly. Don`t restrict it to certain hours.


Apart from hostile athmosphere in newspapers I experience Britains in general as supportive and caring. There are so many charities and charityshops and laws to protect peoples rights. Sure Health and Safety sometimes might tire but when because of these regulations at Hampton Court Palace the cutting of the trees is done a bit less often because Health and Safety forbid the use of ladders and enforced special equipment than we should all be thankful that the life of a person nowadays is more valued and better protected. It is no longer acceptable that laborers die when building a bridge for instance or another building or do any job.


Britain has so much to be proud of. We all live in a yellow submarine. Lets not sail/drive/dive/fly/blimey whatever into dark past.




1 thought on “Britain be proud of what you have got

  1. It’s all true. I’m proud to be British and hopefully all the things mentioned will stay.


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