Snippets of my day

I saw white goats at Avebury. They were eating grass or sleeping between Aveburys impressive stones. Some poppies in a field. Lovely brown sheep. Not like this Shawn/Timmy which I found in a cats protection charity shop:


Swindons library has a cafe and sells books, too.


Over a decade ago a librarian gave me at a town festival booksale a terribly cheesy love book. The one genre I do not read. The likelihood of finding a book I don`t like is astronomical. (I should have known back than I can`t stand that library dragon who just assumed all blond girls like love storries.) Even in foreign countries I buy books even when I don`t speak that language. It is not that I don`t like so called trivial literature I simply hate love storries, which go well, with all my heart. I didn`t read Effie Briest completely, too. It is sad but still too much cheese for me. Love storries are just not my cup of tea. But I think I should be able to brew this tea. Might take some decades though. Well, the one book in the right upper corner I got for 10 Pence. I will try to drink that tea. Can`t be that terrible, can it?

Funny: The first thing I read at Devizes Writers group was a love poem about my love. I do believe in love. Poems just happen.

Finally I have a wall unit. Finally a place for all the adopted books.



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