Miriads of tea and Cappuccino and finally true love in a beverage


I prefer Cappuccino. Hazelnut is a nice added flavour. Adds variety to coffee.



Who counts calories or propoints. Not me at the moment. I start again on Monday 😉 So give me the hot chocolate, of course with milk, not skinny and real cream.


However where I come from, Emsland in lower Saxony in Germany, Ostfriesentee (certain blend of loose black tea) is the cup of tea and now I am in the land of drinking tea with afternoon cream teas. I have umpteen different teas in the kitchen, too. So to conclude this post: I like coffee, I love tea, since Captain Picard especially Earl Grey but the one beverage which truly is synonym for love is hot chocolate with real cream.


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  1. Rose_Red says:

    My husband loves Earl Grey Tea, and also Captain Picard! Lovely post and blog.


    1. 79nexus says:

      Thank you! Send him some virtual Earl Grey.


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