transition trance

Do you ever feel like a calm lake? No wind at all. No movement.

I felt like a heavy cristal ball today. It feels empty, but it`s not. Might be tiredness. Might be writers block. When you know you haven`t lost your marbles but there is suddenly just one. You are trapped in one thought marble and can`t see the others or all marbles you have have merged into one. Then there is no more movement. No more play. It`s like waiting for a bus. If you stand, walk or sit doesn`t make much difference. It`s like looking through a looking glass looking at the essence of things and then noticing no difference at all between a stone, water or even air.

Now I know what it was: looking through a slightly dirty buswindow at a neverending green landscape on a bus journey being almost hypnotised by the travelling: transition trance. Like waiting for Godot the bus. Waiting for the bus to arrive…


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