Plotting workshop: 1: Beginning

In todays pottery plotting workshop from Devizes Writers Group Ann gave us some tasks.

1: Write for 10 minutes: Introduce a character and a setting

Here is what I wrote in the first 10 minutes:



If I could fly

Catriona fills the little squares on her mathbook with her biro. She is bored and looks out through the window. “I wish I could fly”, she thinks. With a dreamy smile Catriona imagines herself having feathery blue wings and without anything restricting her she lifts up and starts flying. First she flies over her boring school where she is in 6th grade. Then she flies over her hometown. She flies so long. It gets dark. The moon shines so tempting. So desirable cool. Flapping her wings Catriona decides to fly to the moon.

The schoolbell rings and awakens Catriona from her flying fantasy.

Next class is biology. The teacher asks: “Do you have any questions regarding insects?”. “Yes”, Catriona says: “Why do moths fly into lamps and lights when they do burn there?”

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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