Plotting workshop: 2: Add one or more relatives

In the second 10 minutes task I wrote:



Next sunday Catriona sits at the family table waiting for the sunday roast. Her mother is in the garden feeding the chickens. Father is busy in the kitchen. Babybrother crawling happily on the floor. Catriona looks at the table and her imagination flies away again. “I wonder what it would be like to be smaller than this spoon.” The whole table would last for some weeks. Catriona srceams: “Careful! You crush me!” Dad looks puzzled and stands there shaking with the plate of roast. Mum enters: “Catriona. What`s the matter with you? Dad just wanted to put the plate on the table! I wonder where you are with your mind. Never mind. Let`s have dinner.” Mum picks up Babybrother. The sundayroast smells lovely. Catrionas family enjoys their sunday roast.

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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