Plotting workshop: 3: introduce a dilemma

Third 10 minutes task: Introduce a dilemma

(in Bristol)

Bruised Catriona comes home. Dad wants to know what happened. Washed and in clean clothes with a mug of hot chocolate in her hands Catriona still not tells what happened. “Catriona. This are quite deep wounds”, the called family doctor says:”You must tell me what caused them.” But Catriona stays quiet. Mum cries, Babybrother starts to cry. Dad stays calm and goes to the kitchen. A good meal always helps is his motto.

The chicken are gone but noone notices.



(chicken on a literature workshop on a farm near Swindon)

Catriona found something in the woods but she is determined to keep it her secret. This strange alien creature in its eggshaped vehicle will fly her to the moon. Catriona got some cuts and bruises and burns when she rescued the little bluegrey alien with whiskers out of its crashed escape pot. It was alive. It…

End of 10 minutes

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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