Inner peace

Tea of today (not Earl Grey but sometimes tea is tea, anyway above linked is a teablog)

Teekanne: Innere Ruhe


In the cat-teapot is a teabag of brand: Teekanne (teapot) taste: Innere Ruhe. Ruhe is the German word for silence. Inner silence makes perfect sense in German but is probably better translated with Inner peace which is the meaning of Innere Ruhe. Ausgleichende Kräuterteemischung: Balancing Herbteamixture. Zutaten: ingredients: Rotbusch, Melisse, Honeybusch, Anis, Zimt, Süßholz, Hopfen, süße Brombeerblätter, Kardamom, Lotusblüten 2%.

Am off for a walk in the sunny autumnsunshine.


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