Plotting workshop: 4: A message is received

“I have to go home” Gwegwacks translating device says to Catriona. “How exciting!” Catriona exclaims “Take me with you!” “No, little human. Thank you for your help and the chickens


but you need to go back to your family like I have to go to mine.” “Why do you have to go?!” Catriona asks with tears in her eyes. “Because I received a message. I am needed at home. Thanks to you I have survived and I could repair the engine of my miniship with the parts you brought to me. I can fly home now and I have to. Your family needs you, too.” “No, they don`t! They just send me to psychologists and doctors. They don`t understand me. Mum cries all the time. Babybrother doesn`t speak a word. Dad suspects that I took the chickens and wants to know what I did with them. He knows I have knicked stuff from his shed, too!” Catriona cries.


“Little human, please go back to your family.”

End of 10 minutes

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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