Plotting workshop: 5: Change of direction plus add new character

I think 2 is the best number of participants in a dialogue. Look at Plotting workshop: 4 post to read one.

This one: Plotting workshop: 5: Change of direction plus add new character

has more inner monologue/ stream of consciousness so therefor: One mind is enough. Otherwise it will be too crowded.


(Chippenham, by the way)

When they invaded earth there was one tiny village in England they did spare. They put a fence around it and made sure everyone inside was well looked after. Gwegwack, the leader of the alien invasion, had decreeted that this village was spared, because a little human once saved his life there. The others thought that was very sentimental of him.

Gragruck planned to destroy the last human village. But first she had to murder Gwegwack. It was difficult with all the security surrounding him but this sentimental fool, this humanssaver had to go! You don`t keep cattle that is smart enough to fight a war against you. Even if it were in a very distant future. (Gragruck thought of it as pest control) This human Zoo must be terminated!

Catriona was a grown up woman, now. She still got lost in daydreams daily. It was strange that the world had become so small.

End of 10 minutes

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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