Cancel another video

Cancel another video

When you collect a lot. You probably have a video/dvd/digitally recorded collection. Do you convert them, give them away to dogs trust (but I got the Star Trek and Stargate videos so cheap in video stores and at ebay and I recorded many more myself – with my own hands), delete, overwrite, throw away another video? Reason whispers: You don`t even have a videorecorder anymore. They take up space. Even the skybox needs to be uncluttered when you want to record new episodes of Sleepy Hollow, Defiance, Big Bang Theory (new episodes on October 23rd! in UK, I am so excited! How could Penny cut her hair?!) and Doctor Who (I love the orient express episode!) and Sherlock will come back. I deleted some Smallville today. Must convince other users of this skybox to delete some of the umpteen cooking shows. Who cares about masterchef? Not me. All these shows do is make you hungry. They are not showing good humantreating I think, too.



1 thought on “Cancel another video

  1. I deeply love Dr. Who since 1974.


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