Liebster award

Linda, thank you very much for nominating my blog for the Liebster award!

Since I am German I know the meaning of liebster by heart.

Liebster  blog award can be translated: Favourite blog award or Dearest to me blog award.

The rules to accept the award are:

post the award

give thanks to your nominator and link to their blog

write 11 random facts about yourself

nominate 11 blogs which have around 200 followers or less or a lot less who you like and think they deserve more audience

answer the questions your nominator asked

ask the ones you nominee 11 questions


11 facts about myself which are not yet in this blog (gets more and more difficult 😉 )

1: My brothers birthday is today: Happy birthday Benni! My lovely, beautiful, bright, artistic, world travelling, studying and now so tall Babybrother. I love you! Visit someday soon? In my mind you are still the baby just able to sit on the meadow admiring a ladybug.

2: My favourite egyptian gods are Bastet and Selket and Ra.

3: Our sewing machine waits for me to use it. It is probably like blogging: simply start. My believe is I need a couse to learn how to use this modern sewing machine. Would not be in vain anyway.

4: Our curtains are duckegg green.

5: I have bought christmas presents early this year.

6:  500 likes for my blog. Thank you all!

7: I like postman Pat. And his black and white cat… Early in the morning…

8: The day before yesterday I bought craft glue.

9: An autumn paper bunting is in progress: Better finish before winter knocks on the door.

10: I ate porridge yesterday.

11: Tomorrow is likely gonna be a muddy paws day again.


Lindas questions answered by me:

1) No, I am not compulsive about anything. Ich kann fünfe gerade sein lassen. A German saying about the ability to take on a relaxed view: I can accept 5 to be an even number for a short while.
2) Favourite actor: Terence Hill, William Shatner, David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch.
3) For my first christmas lunch in Britain (they are crazy about this here 😉 ) one other person besides myself chose appetizer, main and desert. All others chose either appetizer or desert. Maybe because it was a weightwatchers groups christmas lunch 😉
4) Favorite subject at school: German literature. Literature in my mothertongue.
5) First I was a cat person and afraid of dogs. Couldn`t understand their obedient nature, too. Since 2010 I am both: cat person with cat and admirer of dogs because Kuba cured me with his half chihuahua side and whole loving personality. Kuba definetly left pawprints on my heart.
6) First thing I would do if I won the lottery jackpot: Doublecheck, stay calm and smile.
7) Dream house with loved company. No matter where.
8) Loved book to read again: Sohn der Vergangenheit by Ann C. Crispin (a Star Trek novel: Yesterday`s son)
9) Preferred way to travel, planes, trains, or automobile? Bus.
10) Do you have a favorite quote or saying, if so, what is it? Never give up, never surrender.  Lebe lang und in Frieden. (Star Treks live long and prosper but in German: live long and in peace.) Who oppresses him/herself oppresses others.
11) Name a hobby or activity you do in your free time other than blogging: listening to radio.

My 11 questions for the blogger I nominate:

1: What is the most beautiful place you have been to?

2: How far have you travelled?

3: Which indoor plants do you have?

4: Have you ever had a role in a play?

5: What stone would you be? Rough at the edges or smoothened by the sea?

6: What kind of postal stamp would you be?

7: What is your favourite beverage or even tea?

8: What do you see outside your window?

9: An author you admire?

10: A time you would like to visit?

11: Somebody you would like to meet for afternoon tea?

I nominate these lovely blogs:


4 thoughts on “Liebster award

  1. thediscerningreader October 18, 2014 — 9:04 pm

    Lol lucky you……I nominated you for Liebster Award, here is the link:


  2. I’d like to thank you for following my blog. I don’t know quite what made it appeal to you, but I hope you enjoy it.


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