Lilly and Mau


Magical Halloween

The soucerers garden was a magical place hidden between ordinary humans gardens. Magical herbs grew in his garden and it had a conscious of its own. The leaves whispered in the soucerers pointy ears :” Two visitors have arrived! Not just the one expected visitor. They sit on the garden bench waiting for you.” “Thank you, garden!”, the soucerer purred. On the garden bench sat one excited visitor and one shivering in fear. The small anxious one squeaked: “I don`t like the smell of this! Are you sure the soucerer can help me? I would rather hide in a hole.” The orange visitor said: ” I know him now for a few month. Since I woke up in this garden feeling a bit pumpkinheady the soucerer has drank tea with me every afternoon. Though he only ever drinks milk in his teacup. The soucerer is very friendly. He always helps me when the other children are mean to me calling me orange and pumpkinhead. The soucerer has reasured me that tonight at Halloween this pumpkinhead will become a human girls head. So, don`t worry. Ah, there he is!” There was a hissing sound. Squeaking the small grey mouse was running for its life. The soucerer, who had become a tabby cat by accident and had decided to stay a cat by choice was now chasing the mouse around the garden bench. Just when he had caught the terrified grey mouse and held it close before his eyes and mouth he sniffed and said: “You don`t smell like an ordinary mouse. Oh, hello Lilly! I was expecting you. Forgive me for following your company.” Lilly had tears in her eyes and the candle inside her pumpkinhead was flickering angrily: “How dare you scaring Mau mouse! I met him this morning, when he tried to bite a bit out of my pumpkinhead and I promised him you could help him!” “That depends”, the cat said. “What is your problem Mau mouse?” Together they sat on the garden bench. The garden listened. Mau told his story: ” I am a real boy! A human! With a mob of others I went to annoy strange Mr. Loner. I made fun of him and his silly walk and threw a stone. I am sorry! I won`t do that again! I know that was wrong, now.” “Hm. Meow. I see. What happened next?”, the soucerer cat asked. “Mr. Loner held up his wooden walking stick and pointed at me and shouted: ‘ You think it is funny to be small and poor?! You think it is fun when someone throws a stone at you?! Wait till you wake tomorrow!’ ” The cat smiled at the mouse: “And the next morning you awoke in a church…” “Yes! How do you know? I went to find someone but everyone was suddenly so big and they screamed and hunted me with a broom. When I ran against a polished flowerpot I saw what I had become: this! A mouse! Oh, soucerer, please can you help me?” “Certainly my poor little grey church mouse. I forgive you. Maybe I was a bit cruel to a stupid young boy. I take away the curse I threw at you. Be a better boy from now on. And Lilly: I poured accidentally some magical liquid on a pumpkin and that turned you into an almost human girl. That and that this garden has its own magical powers, too.” Lilly looked at the boy who sat where the mouse sat before. After she drank a potion her deepest wish was fulfilled, too: She was now a real human girl.




Whispering leaves.


the soucerer relaxing after practicing magic.


A tree which used to be a naughty boy.


The church the mouse wake up in (You won`t believe how much they charge innocent human tourists to enter it).


These children called the soucerer names cause he didn`t have a nice suit. He reckoned they would like to wear suits themselves…



Have a spooky Halloween!

©Elke Schaub, 2014


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