Unusual unique universe: 42 commandments: 11: Use your fantasy


42 commandments: 11: Imagine universes, dream of utopian worlds, think of better ways and wish for good

Upon us ufos

Unite us unusual unique U universe

Uplift utterly utopian u-shaped update users

Undo uglyness, unkindness, uncertainties

Umpteen umlauts uttered under unreal urges

Use urban u-turns under underground

Usher umbra umbrellas

Underline unawakened unaware ukuleles

Unblock ultimately


(like the librarian in discworld would say 😉

(Double Ugh to a lot of u in a universe far far away and above where ukuleles have a conscience and people are u-shaped and speak in umlauts and ask to be united and freed in happyness in a unique unusual universe. They listen to U2 of course or maybe Usher.)


©Elke Schaub, 2014


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