I send my love to an island with…


Five Essentials for my love

I would send my love to an uninhabited island with:

  • A swiss army knife

He loves pocket knifes and they are very useful. I even have one with a toothpick and a pen but a saw would probably more useful on an island. Scissors are very useful, too. A multitool combines so much. So that is the first thing I would pack for my loved one.

  • A huge blanket made of a material which does not let water in on one side but still lets air through.

He might build a shelter with it.

  • A compound bow and arrows. He would enjoy it and could hunt with it for food.
  • A very huge amount of antibiotics and painkillers so that he does not have to suffer in emergencies.
  • A firestarter set.

And I would rescue him as soon as possible.



1 thought on “I send my love to an island with…

  1. I enjoy your list. It shows how thoughtful you are.I am delighted to be here. I look forward to reading more posts on this blog.


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