Gone but not forgotten



Oh dear followers and guests,

how could I not go back to my first post about having lost Kuba for this photo prompt.

Farewell cutest companion


Final Fear

The fear of loosing you

has finally found an end

I have lost you

You are gone forever

I am lost without you

and more


Children play: there is a space next to me

I am no child no more

gaps are not filled as effortlessly

wounds are not healed as easily


Appreciate the flowers


Be proud of what you have got


Appreciate the dogs

Be happy as you touch


Appreciate the living

While they bloom in the garden of your heart

While you meet them on the small path of life

While you can


(Go away human! I am sleepy! Turn out the light! Come back on Monday! Meow! Karlchen, perfectly alive but sleepy. Appreciate me another day, you human, and don`t forget to turn out that light! Meow! I am busy dreaming of warmer days. It is so freezing and frosty outside.)


They will wither

no matter what you do

They will be gone

no matter how much you cry

You will have lost


Have lost the summer

a flower in your garden

the beloved companion




Your dog deep in your heart


The one who used to follow


The one who stayed

IMAG0307 (1)

The one who not just passed you

has sadly passed away


Passed away is the fear to loose you

The final fear remains

how will I ever live without you?

©Elke Schaub, 2014


2 thoughts on “Gone but not forgotten

  1. I am so very sorry for your loss. Kuba looks like a really sweet dog. Your tribute to your canine companion is so very touching for all of those who love animals — and a beautiful honor to Kuba.


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