Utterly Uninspiring “How To Be A Writer” by Stewart Ferris


The title of this book is good. The author seems to be quite succesful. http://stewartferris.com/ The black lettersigns are quite pleasingly placed on paper with much room between the lines to stretch out the unimaginative content. The book only claims to show the essentials and that`s what it does. Maybe it is interesting for cavemen. The book is not as old as its content appears to be at first glance but I found it utterly useless. Nice to look at though. Personally I didn`t like the tone it was written in at the beginning. Ferris claims to first destroy the reader and afterwards build you up again. Didn`t conquer me with this simple book. The only interesting bit for me was a quote by Agatha Christie:

“The best time for planning a book is while you`re doing the dishes.”

“How To Be A Writer” by Stewart Ferris is an average book. Absolutely ok. Don`t buy it, don`t borrow it from a library. Better do your dishes. This book won`t teach you anything.


Ferris explains: To be a writer:

  • you need tools (pen, paper, computer)
  • you have to delete as well as create
  • use a computer and type
  • have real backups
  • practice active reading – without ever being entertained again by the sheer beauty of words or any writing at all
  • motivate yourself
  • have a place to write like a shed or cafe or anywhere else
  • have to organise your time
  • get drunk on wine on book fairs to network in hotel bars
  • have luck to be published and even paid



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