Reviving mindfull Monday: 42 commandments for life etc.: lucky 13: Find serenity in gardening today

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It has  not been a rafty day but a very sunny Monday. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. My seabrease perfume reminded me of the day I had bought it at a Douglas in Germany with my love.

Back to today: At the busstop I have had a lovely chat with an elderly lady about the nice weather and the Crown centre in Devizes. Made me think about a day in Decembre at the Crown centre with my love, where we bought all coconutcookies of one kind and the baker lady sais:” Are you sure? People seem not to like them. It is a very old recipe, you know.” Old does not necessarily have to be bad. It were wonderfull biscuits.

Bringing my wondering mind back to this mindful Mondays morning:

My querky and lovely fellow writers enjoyed a meeting in a French cafe. Most of them could be considered as old which does definetely not necessarily equal bad. The inspiring meeting made me think of two things:

  1. Stephen Kings creative writing prompt where he asks you after you have written a short story around a certain scary situation: Now take your story and change the sex of the characters.
  2. How sad it is that we loose words and that we deprive children of old words when the Oxford Dictionary for Children removes words about living nature and instead adds new words for technology.

We should revive old words. They are the essence of the richnes of all languages. Languages evolve like every living thing but complexity is beauty and gives choice. Therefore we should strive to let many old words survive.

Alive like plants in a garden. Gardening is equally reviving like a meeting with fellow writers and brings serenity and a wondering mind from the past to the present.

Therefore: commandment 13 for life, the universe and the rest: Garden today.


Until the mind flies on into the future: The planted bulbs of past years show their first green: How beautiful will they flower…


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