A Tale of Water Spirits, Shire Horses and Stainless Steel

Amazing! I have to see this someday! Wonderful idea for a prompt, too.

Travel with Intent

-Look Up, Look Down Challenge, Week 73

Every Thursday, I publish a post containing photo(s) taken from above or below, and invite you to join in the challenge by posting your own photos with an up or down perspective.



This giant, metal nose belongs to one of the world’s largest equine sculptures – the Kelpies, two huge statues that stand on the Forth and Clyde Canal in Central Scotland.


These two massive horse heads, designed by sculptor Andy Scott, stand 30 metres tall and are the largest public art work in Scotland.


I had been wanting to see them for ages, so on a wet, wild and windy December day I hid my camera under my coat, donned hat and gloves and made a dash from the car park.  It really was the bleakest of days, but these incredible sculptures did not disappoint.  It is hard to believe that what was…

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1 thought on “A Tale of Water Spirits, Shire Horses and Stainless Steel

  1. Glad you like them. They are truly amazing. You won’t be disappointed if you manage to get there in person, whatever the weather!


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