Tiny Spoiler: Sherlock in Bath; 42 commandments: 14: ideas in a bath


Mindful Monday

Depth of bowl and depth of cup: Raspberry porridge and weight watchers caramel latte.

In the depth of Queen Street in Bath: Two famous figures sitting on seats in the street, behind them a poster of a filled wall of books, Victorian costumes and an ancient looking Babybuggy, a man runs, either falls down or drops something, a woman runs to look…

42 commandments for life, the universe and all the rest: 14: find ideas in a bath

Bath Spa: Douglas Adams used to say that he has wonderful ideas while relaxing in a bath and forgets them when getting out of the bath, therefore he has had to have another bath…

While in the bubbling green lit Bath Spa with view of the lit Abbey and a full moon I thought about the Sherlock filming in Bath and how it will be explained that it appears to play in Victorian times without magic or time travel. Sherlock could have a dream. Sherlock could be told an unsolved crime of the past and boast that he can solve any puzzling case at all and imagine what had taken place. Sherlock could have a drug induced vision. Later I walked down the depth of Baths Queen Street, there was no security but beautiful props.




Food, candles and a christmas tree…


Old post boxes.


Absolutely unguarded realistic looking bread.



Depth of this Monday 😉


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