Late Monday Musings

The weekend I was going through my wardrobe, happy to refind old but still nice dresses and starting to think about what can go to a dogs trust charityshop.

On Monday I was invited to paint a pottery item in Salisbury, which I totally loved. I am looking forward to see the heartshaped plate when it is glazed and burned in a pottery oven.

A big poodle barked at cars and was accompanied by a blonde little poodle and a cute spaniel. I was wondering if the lady with them is their human or if she is a dogwalker.

Lidls polish week brought very tasty polish beer and other tasty things to home.

A thoroughly wonderful day.

Thinking about Valentines day soon! Drying rosepetals from roses which held their rosehead down.



1 thought on “Late Monday Musings

  1. Great idea recycling clothes. Out with the old and in with the new. 😁


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