5 cakes a day, doctors, fishing in UK


Some time ago I watched a tv-programme where doctors were debating wether you need to lead a perfect examplery lifestyle in order to be a good doctor. Apart from the fact that what suits one individual does not necessarily have to be perfect for another person and one can debate about what is a perfect life at all there is a flaw in the thought process: Just because a doctor is impaired in any way or not considered to be normal does not correlate with his/her ability to be a brilliant doctor. A Marathon running vegetarian doctor with picture perfect social life and ideal weight who religiously eats and exceeds his 5 a day of fruit and vegetables might have a successful career, might be a good doctor or might be a narcissistic a-hole who doesn`t listen to his/her patients and cares even less. And the smoking grumpy collegue might be far better.

The important fact is: Not the appearance nor the lifestyle defines the quality of a professionals work.

A fat doctor can still be a bad doctor.

One very smart doctor in this tv-debate said:

According to five a day…

I know…..

You should have five cakes a day

This remark silenced a horribly superficial argumentation and illustrates how absurd the assumption is that the outlook correlates with real quality cause it is equally absurd and so obviously wrong.

So to the five foods I choose for an involuntary stay on an island:

I don`t choose fish, because I hope I can catch and eat fish in the surrounding sea and I would definetely not use a fish first aid kit and release my meal back to the water what the people on this island called Great Britain apparently call “fishing”. What`s the point if you don`t eat it? Not only polish people like carp! To catch and eat! But what do these peculiar islanders: weigh, photograph, administer first aid and throw the fish back in the waters…

I don`t choose coconut because I hope it grows on the island. Unless it is an iceisland.

I choose:




IMAG2068 (1)


5 a day šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “5 cakes a day, doctors, fishing in UK

  1. And for Thankful Tuesday: Thank you for this daily prompt! HavenĀ“t had my 5 cakes but pancakes for pancake day;)


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