Orange photos – Orange Photos: 42 cflur: 15: Enjoy plenty of colours in plenty ways

The orange sun warmes the wings of this dragon:

42 commandments for life, the universe and the rest: 15: Enjoy plenty of colours in your life: Eat oranges, see oranges, hear about oranges and write about orange and all the other wonderfull colours. Beloved Spock might say:

Experience the pleasing aspects of multiple variations of multiple various sensory inputs in various ways.

I have recently heard at a poetry reading a poem about the colour orange and how it is negleckted by poets because it is not too easy to rhyme with orange so its parents red and yellow are a lot more written about in poems.

Orange Roses


I see you

in the warm yellow glow

of bright burning beautiful candles


I think of painting white roses red

when orange would look nice too

actually exceptionelly unordinary

But who gives orange roses?

In life or even just in poetry?





IMAG2068 (1)







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