Frühlingspause – Springbreak

Winterschlaf: when a bear or another being sleeps during winter to use up in summer aquired resources slowly so they last till spring.


Not much to eat in snowy Finland. Though this picture is actually taken in spring. Which leads me to:


feeling tired in spring because natures energy flows excitedly like a jumping spring lamb which makes you feel tired just by watching it when you are slightly older than a spring morning.


This blog/picture/poem-collection and memorial place for Kuba will return in April revived with old features which were a bit sleepy because of Winterschlaf or Frühjahrsmüdigkeit or both.

See you in April with

  • more about Kuba

  • more poems

  • more about Britain

  • more pets

  • more photos

  • more of the 42 commandments

  • more of stamps around the world

  • more dragons

  • more big figurines to brighten days

  • more mindful mondays

  • more thankful tuesdays

  • more thursday with a view

und ein bißchen Deutsch – and a little bit German


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