The gift

Wrapped implies a present or a gift which brings me straight to two things:

A minion pez sweets thingy I gave as a token to my love which also touches this dailyposts question (what do very few people know about me) I had these collectable Pez sweets “Spender” as a child and really do like them. I remember fondly one Star Wars pez thingy. The others are in oblivion.


Secondly: Todays homework for Devizes writers group was: The gift

I listened to thoughts and stories about:

  • The gift of imagination
  • The gift of memories
  • The gift of loud orange wool
  • The gift of a shared orange
  • The gift of innocence
  • The gift and cost of civilization
  • The magic gift
  • The gift to feel motherly towards a stranger
  • The gift of life

and that it gets taken away/ gets lost/ fades away into oblivion but nevertheless is a gift


3 thoughts on “The gift

  1. The gift of a shared orange…. what a great ‘share’!


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