Dark Side of the Sun, by Andrew Dymond

Long time ago, when Star Trek stopped being shown at the ZDF, I turned to Star Trek novels, so can definetely relate to this. Dark Side of the Sun is a very interesting title, too. Have watched Farscape (though at first not taking it seriously with fan eyes) might read this (although I have way too many books already, nevertheless sounds interesting)

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darksideCom-Officer, send this message:  Captain SoueDva, Tenth Operational Peacekeeper Taskforce to Nomad Trader Jansz.  It is my great pleasure to inform you that you, and your scurvy fleet of fruit-sucking economic subversives, are under arrest.  You have one minute to surrender or I will personally throw the switch on the weapons that will immolate you.
You have a way with words, Evbow
-SoueDva and Evbow, of the Peacekeepers

Summer time can be a boring one for fans of sci-fi television.  Reruns are all over the place.  But it’s a good time to catch up on things you’ve missed, or to try something new.  This happened to me recently, so I started watching Farscape on the Sci-Fi Channel.  I figured I’d have the same opinion as Babylon 5…not a bad show, but not one I particularly feel like watching much of.

When I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  I’ve been hooked.

Why is…

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