Old People and Change

I love coins 😉 Change is not always bad:


As I sit here in the emptiness of the frozen-yogurt store I work at with oldies music threatening to drone out my thoughts, I  thought I would comment on one thing: How old people hate change. And when I say change, I don’t mean change of social standards (which they probably don”t like as well), but the tangible change that jingles. The extent people will go through to avoid the Abe Lincoln’s and Andrew Jackson’s in their pocket is so humorous to me. And when I say humorous, I would also love to add intensely annoying. I have had people hold up a line so they could hobble to their car to grab one cent so they could avoid having change. What’s wrong with change? One never knows when they will need to pay a meter, or have a couple nickles handy.

All I am saying is that the smallest…

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