Farewell cutest companion

May your lovely soul rest in peace.


Final Fear

The fear of loosing you

has finally found an end

I have lost you

You are gone forever

I am lost without you

and more

Children play: there is a space next to me

I am no child no more

gaps are not filled as effortlessly

wounds are not healed as easily

Appreciate the flowers

Be proud of what you have got

Appreciate the dogs

Be happy as you touch

Appreciate the living

While they bloom in the garden of your heart

While you meet them on the small path of life

While you can

They will wither

no matter what you do

They will be gone

no matter how much you cry

You will have lost

Have lost the summer

a flower in your garden

the beloved companion

Your dog deep in your heart

The one who used to follow

The one who stayed

The one who…

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