An embarrassment of courgettes? Bake cake!

Tasty, beautiful and with courgette.

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A few years ago, after admiring a tasty, moist cake made by a friend, I became the proud owner of a courgette cake recipe. I promptly filed it and never thought about it again.

courgette flower Beautiful courgette flowers … for stuffing perhaps

This summer, at the end of an arduous(!) coastal hike, we stopped to buy refreshments from a small van in the harbour car park at Port Quinn. They were selling an eclectic variety of drinks and hot snacks, together with a selection of gluten-free cakes. One of these was a stunning looking ‘Courgette, Lemon and Poppy Seed’ cake. So I had some and it was heavenly. I love the rougher, heavier texture of gluten-free that alternatives like polenta and ground almond etc. give. The cake looked more complicated than I would typically make, but it seemed like a good thing to remember for entertaining.

Courgette cake Port Quinn ….. location of…

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