Anticipating Halloween

halloweeny haikus


Anticipating Halloween with purring Karlchen on my shoulder I am thinking of what to put in the little bags for the trick or treaters. I pack a little bag and put into it: a link to a Halloween story I will put up in my next post, sweets formed like bodyparts, a cloth-pumpkin… Oh, and decorating the windows and the front door will be fun, too. Like last year I will watch Frankenstein. A filmed theatre performance with Benedict Cumberbatch. Last year I saw the version where he plays the brought to life creature. This year I will watch him playing the professor.

This weeks haiku prompt suits a spooky halloween, too:

haunt and release


haunted sunflower

releasing her ghostly seeds

for spooky ravens


Big bad black spider

haunts Devizes carnival

fear released by screams


Pumpkin teddy girl

haunted by some minions: “Boo!”

“release lady green!”


Spooky army haunts

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