Lilly and Mau

Frankenstein witch is of to the Barbikaaaaahn to think to be or not to be so just last years story: happy halloween!



Magical Halloween

The soucerers garden was a magical place hidden between ordinary humans gardens. Magical herbs grew in his garden and it had a conscious of its own. The leaves whispered in the soucerers pointy ears :” Two visitors have arrived! Not just the one expected visitor. They sit on the garden bench waiting for you.” “Thank you, garden!”, the soucerer purred. On the garden bench sat one excited visitor and one shivering in fear. The small anxious one squeaked: “I don`t like the smell of this! Are you sure the soucerer can help me? I would rather hide in a hole.” The orange visitor said: ” I know him now for a few month. Since I woke up in this garden feeling a bit pumpkinheady the soucerer has drank tea with me every afternoon. Though he only ever drinks milk in his teacup. The soucerer is very friendly. He…

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