Using up the store cupboards

Salted Caramel Mum

I’ve recently been on a mission to use up the random packets, tins, and jars in my kitchen cupboards. I had no idea how many strange and half-used things were lurking in there! It used to often happen that I would see a recipe somewhere and decide to make it, realise that there were some ingredients in it that I’d never heard of or used before (mung beans? black-eyed beans? a lot of beans!), go out and buy them, use half the packet and never use the rest. Now we have children, and a much tighter budget since we dropped to one income, I can no longer afford to do this, not to mention the fact that if I served up a pile of mung beans to my children they would look at me with sheer terror in their eyes and probably go to bed hungry.IMG_4823

So, I started by…

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