What I learned from Star Trek (TOS)

There is a lot to learn from Star Trek.

Nerd Rambles

giphy.gifWow, to think Star Trek is going to be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. It’s been a wild ride over the past five decades. Star Trek is one of those shows that parts odd but useful wisdom.

So, as my way of celebrating 50 years of this fantastic franchise, I am going to impart the wisdom that Star Trek: The Original Series has taught me to you.

tumblr_o08ri1vi1e1qgrl7eo5_400.gif The first death in Star Trek

  • Never follow hot strangers.

Should some attractive person seem to flirt with you and invite you to follow them, don’t! This never ends well.

Heck, even in the first episode a young man follows an attractive lady and guess what? Turns out she’s a salt sucking alien and she kills him. Gee, who would have ever seen that coming?

Stranger danger, everyone. Stranger danger.


  • Don’t investigate strange occurrences.

Perhaps the most common way red shirts die…

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