Halloween Train —— Steam of Consciousnes

The train disappeared out of sight leaving the anticipation of something magical to happen lingering and waiting in the foggy air.

The local pub got decorated with fake cobwebbs, three brooms hanging over the bar and many skeletons in different sizes.

A purple shimmer appeared in the mist and even the swans seemed to become a little bit purple. Two perfectly ordinary seemingly lovely old ladies ran towards the trainstation. When the purple fog touched their clothes they started to change and when the magically transformed train reappeared two witches entered the train.

He felt that he had changed – though he did not know how – Confused and a little frustrated he felt he had to let out some steam. Thick purple steam rose from the trains nostrils. Conscious he glanzed over his surroundings, the decorated houses with cut out pumpkins next to the doors, he listened to the two witches – one complaining her old chihuahua started to behave like a cat – disappearing and reappearing whenever he felt like it. Over the green hills the magical trains journey would take him. He did not know how long his conscious traveltime would last but he was determined to feel and hear and see every last second of it.

Wind blew away the purple shimmer faster than any old lady could see.

The swans were white.

The train disappeared out of sight.



Writing prompt from Devizes writers group was the sentence: The train disappeared out of sight.

Somehow I was thinking about dementia, when writing this little piece, something where a mind disappeares and reappears and definetely spooky but probably not visible in the little story itself.



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