Belonging Together

Belonging Together

Archie is dreaming of warm feather pillows. A place of his own to snuggle comfortably. His nose is telling him the fulfillment of this dream might be close. Following his nose he finds what he is looking for in the master bedroom cupboard. There is a bit much paper around it but Archie fights with it. Exhausted he lies down on the part revealed luxury dogbed. His misstress finds him happily sleeping entangeled in present wrapping ribbons tied to the packaging. Next to Archie lies a gifttag: merry christmas Archie, to you the dogbed you have liked so much in the shop. Archies mistress smiles, leaves the mess alone to not disturb sleeping Archie and says to herself: Guess he did not want to wait till christmas, my nosy Archie.


Merry early christmas

For todays homework of Devizes writers group


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