breakfast – Frühstück

I used to not understand the point in slimy porridge and why people bought it for instance at a christmas market in Edinborough. Sure it is hot, but so is coffee or tea or Glühwein. Much more appropriate for a christmas market anyway.

Having said that I have actually started to like porridge for breakfast. You can add different fruits and it is so easy to make in a microwave.

I don’t understand people who have the same food again and again. Variety is so much nicer and less boring. Sweet or savory as long as it is not the same every single day.

What’s your breakfast star?

IMAG2068 (1)


2 thoughts on “breakfast – Frühstück

  1. A breakfast in which avocado is involved is the best type, in my book.


  2. portapatetcormagis December 13, 2016 — 8:58 pm

    I like porridge for breakfast. When I’m not awake enough to chew on anything I can just spoon it away and have some coffee along with it.


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