Weatherspoons bad taste

Weatherspoons bad taste

Weatherspoons did annoy me today. I used to be a fan of Weatherspoons pubs. Today I felt fraudulently misled, kind of robbed and fooled and the customer service was not better either. The microwaved barbequue chicken melt did not even taste good. I find it insulting that if you do not choose the “right” drink instead of the offers £7.25 (with drink!) you pay £9.70 (!) (without drink) for the same bad food! I was not made aware of this before paying and they did not let me add a coffee not to drink afterwards or any other “right” drink to get the £2.45 back. So next time I will order a coffee and just let it rott but pay less. If they have not lost me as a customer completely. The have removed my favourite sofa in Devizes Weatherspoons, too. In the carpet museum in Kidderminster I learned that each Weatherspoons gets a special carpet designed to fit the historic building. Wonderful! Too bad the carpet in Devizes Weatherspoons does not seem to get cleaned ever. So much to saving historic buildings and british pub culture.


Weatherspoons uses nice plates but you know you can’t expect much when you get told:”We ran out of poached eggs but we can make you a scrambled egg with sauce hollondaise”. Really? You are even usen prepacked scrambled eggs…

Unhappy customer

One of the 42 commandments should definetely be:

Though shallt not make your customers feel cheated, robbed, insultingly fooled.


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