One Window – Ein Fenster One year later, not grumpy, just busy in this lovely spring 2017. Looking back: One Window – Ein Fenster Imagine you live in a castle – Stell Dir vor Du lebst in einem Schloß With just one single window far far upstairs – Mit nur einem einzelnen Fenster weit weit treppauf Down in the […]


Originally posted on writingindevizes: Treasure immaterial joys of being a fan. Of language and of science fiction. Schatz means several things in German. One meaning is treasure. Schatztruhe is treasurechest and not Schatzbrust like wrongly translated in the German version of the game Albion. Schatz would you also say to your beloved partner in…

Smell adventure

Proud Dachhund wanders sniffing out an adventure bonfire smell night


Frozen ground and grass dark owls electricity flies over the field